Kono’s Urban Farm

Japan’s Kono Designs worked closely with Persona to create this fantastic farming environment in an unlikely place. This major renovation project consisting of a double skinned green facade and a working office combining 43,000 square feet of farmland with over 200 species of fruits, vegetables and even rice paddies.



The main lobby houses a rice paddy and broccoli field while the tomato vines suspend delicately above conference tables.  Persona takes the time to encourage and educate new farmers as well as exposes employees to the workings of the farm. Everyone is also encouraged to take part in the care and cultivation of its crops, which are eaten on site in the office cafeteria. Throughout the day employees can be seen working in the rice paddy or broccoli field, pruning fruit trees, tending to lettuces and lovingly harvesting veggies.


TinyLittleSketches_UrbanFarm_KonoDesigns05 TinyLittleSketches_UrbanFarm_KonoDesigns03



I love this balanced eco-system taking the emerging ‘green wall’ idea and developing  it a step further by provide a sustainable solution. The combination of corporate and agricultural environments to create fantastic functional spaces to live, grow and learn.


Images and sources via Kono Designs


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    I love this blog keep it up! :)

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